How to Register

Step 1: Enroll at Arkansas community college

Eligible STEM Prep students must be enrolled in at least one course at an Arkansas community college during the same semester as the STEM Prep course.  Additional course cannot be a prerequisite course.  High school students concurrently or dual enrolled through an Arkansas community college are welcome to take STEM Prep courses, with the exception of Introduction to Engineering.

Step 2: Submit registration form

Complete the program registration form by the deadline indicated for that semester.  Student must meet all prerequisites or co-requisites listed on the Courses page.  This form is sent directly to the Program Coordinator and initiates the enrollment process.

Step 3: Receive program acceptance and U of A application instructions

After community college enrollment and course prerequisites have been verified, the Program Coordinator will email the student with instructions to submit a non-degree, visiting application to the University of Arkansas.  The admissions application requires payment of an application fee.  Students may qualify for a fee waiver if they meet certain qualifications, such as Pell Grant eligibility. More info on waivers can be found here.

DO NOT submit the admissions application until you receive confirmation of acceptance and the instructions from the Program Coordinator.  This will cause enrollment delays.

Step 4: Student enrolled in STEM Prep course(s)

STEM Prep students are manually enrolled in the course(s) requested.  The total credit hours are reflected on student's community college account.  

Step 5: Tuition billed at community college rate

Tuition and fees are billed at the student's community college at their current credit hour rate.  Financial aid and scholarships can be used to pay the cost of tuition.  For specific billing information, contact your community college's financial aid or registrar's office.

Step 6: Transcript sent to community college

A transcript is automatically sent to the community college at the end of the semester at no cost to the student.